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A type of scar that is made of type I and III collagen, a keloid rises over the site of a wound. Keloids are benign tumors that can develop beyond the area of the original wound. The have a rubbery yet firm appearance and are red, pink or dark brown in color. Keloids have an irregular shape and tend to enlarge progressively. They generally have a dome shape. Unlike scars, keloids do not subside over time. Keloids often are itchy and have a sharp pain, they can restrict movements if they are located over a joint. Any skin injury such as an abrasion, cosmetic piercing, burns, surgery etc can cause keloid.

The exact cause for keloid is not known. Keloids are common in men and women; they might not occur as much in children. Keloids develop more often on the chest, shoulder, back and ear lobes. Keloids can be treated with topical applications, laser treatment, silicone sheets, surgery, radiation, etc. Some keloids are treated with steroid injections or application of steroid-implanted tape to affected areas. Surgery may be performed to remove the keloid but it might not prevent it from growing back again.

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