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Brief Words about Athena and her Capabilities:

Athena - the dedicated TargetWoman Condensed Health Section - as she remains now boasts of over 25,000 pages - of well researched content related to health topics. Athena covers diseases and ailments in general along with their symptoms. Most of the time, Athena will also give some idea about the diagnostic procedures, tests to diagnose your health condition and the line of treatment available with even some suggestions on probable drugs.

We have taken extensive care in compiling a vast body of health information - accurate and current at the time of publication (You may want to read the disclaimer at the end of the page). We have used our own proprietary technology - a type of AI (Artificial Intelligence) to serve you information that is brief, precise and relevant - in short a cut above the general search engines. We named our Condensed Health Information tool after the Greek Goddess of Wisdom - Athena, precisely for the reasons listed above.

You start with a search box in all the pages of Athena. Remember that Athena is a tool primarily targeted at delivering relevant information about health issues. It needs to know what you are after. Once you start typing the word, it offers a predictive text - some form of suggestion based on what people usually search. To make a meaningful suggestion, it requires at least 2 characters.

So if you seek to know about Breast Cancer then type that phrase into the search box, whereupon, Athena sets out to dig through its database for information on this topic. It looks at the probable occurrence of the phrase and also its ramifications, its nuances and its logical extension amongst others. It collects data on each of these and collates them together into a page. In other words, Athena looks for logical extension of the supplied phrase and tries its best to show you relevant information. If you use language precisely as a surgeon uses his scalpel, it can deliver precise information. If you are vague, it tries to guess what you mean by analyzing the phrase to extract the true meaning.

In our above example, Athena looks at the keyed in phrase - Breast Cancer - ( Athena is not case sensitive) and decides that you are looking for the following:

1. Risk Factors associated with Breast Cancer

2. Breast cancer Symptoms

3. Mammography or other tests

4. Treatment for Breast cancer in brief

5. Mastectomy

6. Fibrocystic Breast Disease

You may see slightly different content based on any content added as we keep updating our content on a regular basis. After all, Athena - Simplified Health App has been serving content for the last 13 years from the time we started.

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