Athena Simplified Health Information

Simplified Health Information

Concise relevant Health Information - about Diseases, Symptoms, Diagnostic tests, Treatment options and choice of Drugs is presented here using a radical technology - Logical Progression Engine. Type what you need to know on any health topic here and Athena (named after the Greek Goddess of Wisdom) will show you extensive medical information in a simple language.

Access to the right information is critical for warding off diseases or managing them. Equally it can be exasperating to find an information overload. Patients have a hard time coping with their illness as well as coming to terms with medical terminology. Information is plentiful in the Internet. But it takes quite a bit of effort to narrow it down to the right information. Even if you drill down to the right information, the language and the way the information is presented makes it a laborious task to digest the information.

What you need is the right information - precise and concise, instead of a deluge of a medical treatise written in medical jargon. Athena - TargetWoman Condensed Health information section provides precise and concise health information without any jargon or commercial bias.

There are more than 240,000 primary words related to Health and Medicine in English. This TargetWoman Health app seeks to cover at least 95% with relevant, meaningful, concise information for every single word. It just doesn't stop there. All the information is presented in clinically precise simple English so that any lay person can grasp the essence of the information without hiring a medical linguistic specialist.

We have collated health/medical information on about 100,000 words - specifically on diseases, diagnostic procedures, laboratory tests and the latest in treatment options here. Medical Science is evolving constantly and new techniques and treatment options appear every year. We have been adding more authentic content and updating existing material on a regular basis in all these 16 years since the time we started.

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Read below - if you are curious to know more about the innovative technology behind this Health repository.

About Athena Logical Progression Engine

'Understanding' language means, amongst other things, knowing what concepts a word or phrase stands for and knowing how to link those concepts together in a meaningful way. It's ironic that natural language, the symbol system that is easiest for humans to learn and use, is hardest for a computer to master.

This quotation from the Microsoft website offers a glimpse of the complexities involved in designing one of the most complex tasks of using a computer.

Athena - Introduction: Human Languages are very convoluted. The same words in different context can mean different things.