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Erythroderma is a common skin disorder that is accompanied by reddishness (erythema) of the skin and exfoliation of the skin. Exfoliation of the skin is almost 100%, severe inflammation of the skin results in erythroderma. Erythroderma is also known as generalized exfoliative dermatitis or erythrodermatitis. If the primary cause for the condition is not identified (idiopathic erythroderma), erythroderma is known as red man syndrome. This condition takes a longer time to settle down. This condition is more common people over 40 years and noticed more in men than in women.

Any already existing skin disorder can cause erythroderma. Apart from this, acute skin diseases like mycosis fungoides, psoriasis and contact dermatitis can cause erythroderma. Certain drugs or topical applications can cause erythroderma. In a few cases erythroderma can be an indication to other diseases or conditions like HIV, hematological malignancies etc. Common symptoms include redness, thickening and swelling of skin,itching, oozing of bad smelling fluid, ridged and thick nails and secondary infection with crusting and pustules. There is thick scale formation on the scalp resulting in hair loss. A dermatologist can diagnose erythroderma by conducting a skin biopsy, blood smear and patch test of the affected area.

Treatment varies according to individual cases. On establishing the exact cause, topical steroids are prescribed. Antibiotics are prescribed for secondary infections, if any. To control itching, antihistamines are prescribed.

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