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Compartment Syndrome

Severe pain caused due to the inflammation of an enclosed area (compartment) thereby giving no room for the muscles, blood vessels, nerves and bones within the compartment to expand is called compartment syndrome. Veins, nerves and arteries undergo tremendous pressure thereby resulting in pain and slow circulation to the muscles and nerves. It can cause permanent damage to the tissues. Symptoms include severe pain, weakness and paresthesia. Symptoms of compartment syndrome involve 5 Ps - Pain , Pallor, Paresthesia (tingling or burning sensation on the skin), Pulselessness, and Poikilothermia (problem maintaining constant core temperature independent of ambient temperature). Common causes for compartment syndrome:

  • Trauma caused due to elevated-force during a road accident. Compartment Syndrome is mostly noticed in long bone fracture, crush injury and circumferential burns to the extremities.

  • Tightly wound bandages or casts.

  • Repetitive forceful activity focusing on a particular compartment alone.

  • Compartment syndrome is likely to occur more often in the lower legs, forearm and less likely in the upper arm, thigh, hand and foot.

Even after holding the affected part in an elevated position, if the pain does not reduce it is a typical symptom of compartment syndrome. Other symptoms of compartment syndrome are severe weakness and paleness. In case pain is caused by tight bandage or splint then it has to be loosened. The patient must be kept hydrated and hypotension must be avoided. Surgery is often resorted to for cases of compartment syndrome. Fasciotomy surgery is performed on those suffering acute compartment syndrome to minimize tissue damage. Thus the contents of the compartment are allowed to swell without increasing the pressure. After some days the incision is closed. Skin grafting might be required in the affected region.

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