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Fibula fracture

The smaller bone that runs parallel to the tibia on the outside of the lower leg is called fibula. Usually, fractures of the tibia and fibula occur simultaneously. If a person sustains only fibula fracture, it is because the side of the leg receives a direct blow, or it may be due to an extreme sideways bend at the ankle or knee. It may not cause any long-term complications, when there is a fracture of the fibula alone. If there is a fibula fracture alone:

  • There is localized swelling and tenderness around the fracture site, along the outside of the lower leg.
  • You may experience pain at the outside of the lower leg, that aggravates while you walk.
  • The common peroneal nerve that crosses the fibular neck is prone to injury due to fibular neck fracture or because of the pressure of a splint or during surgical correction. A foot drop or sensation abnormalities may occur because of this.

The orthopedic will check for swelling, tenderness bruises, deformity and for any abrasions. Feeling the pulse along the length of the injured leg of the patient, the orthopedic will assess how one responds to touch. He will also check the normal muscle strength of the leg and the foot. This is to rule out any damage to the blood vessels or nerves by the sharp edge of the broken bone. To determine the blood flow to the leg accurately, the doctor might opt for specialized Doppler studies. To determine and confirm the location and the extent of severity of the fibula fracture, X-rays are conducted. Although some of the leg fractures take longer time to heal, normally the average healing time is six months.

By preventing accidents, many fractures can be avoided. Elders should encourage safe play among children. Careful driving and wearing seat belt will prevent fractures during driving. Osteoporosis is another condition that will result in fractures when a person falls.

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