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The skin gets thick and hard and becomes red in color. Scleredema or Buschke disease is very rare and can affect people belonging to any age group. The condition varies from individual to individual. Scleredema is classified into three types:

Type I: Sets in due to a streptococcal infection in the throat.

Type II: Sets in due to unusual levels of immunoglobulin. This type of Scleredema does not occur due to an infection but starts gradually and remains for a longer period.

Type III : Scleredema adultorum of Buschke, is also referred to as 'Scleredema diabeticorum', and is more common in diabetics. It is more common in men than in women.

The exact cause for Scleredema is not known. This condition is often related to diabetes, though this condition might occur after a streptococcal throat infection or viral illness. When the condition is induced due to diabetes, men are affected more than women and when the condition is induced due to an infection, women are more affected than men. Thickening and hardening of the skin are the most common symptoms of scleredema. Other commonly reported symptoms include reddishness of the skin and difficulty in opening the eyes and the mouth. In very rare cases the liver, spleen, heart and throat might get affected. The skin resembles the skin of an orange.

Scleredema can be diagnosed by a doctor after a close examination of the patient. A sample of the skin is sent for biopsy to confirm the condition. Throat culture is performed to detect any streptococcal infection in the throat. The patient's blood glucose level is analyzed for diabetes. Medications are prescribed based on the condition that induces this condition. In case of diabetes, medications are prescribed to control the blood glucose levels, a strict diet and exercise schedule has to be followed to control diabetes. Scleredema induced due to an infection persists for a short span, the symptoms settle down within a period of 6 months to 2 years if the condition is induced due to an infection. If the condition is induced due to diabetes, it takes a longer time for the symptoms to settle down. In case of restricted movements, physical therapy is used to manage the condition.

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