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Blood sugar test

  • Whole blood glucose test: This is also called self monitoring of blood glucose(smbg) test. It can be performed at home with readily available kits. Prick the finger, place a drop of blood on the test strip and place it on a glucometer and you can read your blood sugar levels within seconds.

    • Fasting plasma glucose test: This blood sugar test is done on empty stomach. The patient should stop eating and drinking 8 hours before the test is done.

    • Oral glucose tolerance test: This blood sugar test is conducted to check how the body reacts to a calculated amount of glucose. The person is required to follow a steady diet pattern by consuming at least 150g of carbohydrates per meal, for three days prior to the day of testing. The person is asked to stop eating and drinking 8 hours before the first blood sample is drawn. After drawing the first blood sample, glucose (pre measured amount) is given and another blood sample is drawn after 2 hours. (Normal level - less than 140 mg/dL - 7.77 mmol/L).

    • Two-hour postprandial blood glucose test: The test for blood sugar is done after two hours after the intake of a meal.

    • Random blood sugar test: This test is done at random, not taking into account the last time you ate. (Normal levels - less than 100 mg/dL - 5.55 mmol/L).

    • Glycated hemoglobin test This test is conducted for patients already suffering from diabetes. The average blood sugar level over a period of three months is revealed and is used to check how much a person is able to maintain diabetes.
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