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A1 Blood Glucose Test

Blood glucose analysis is very significant in the diagnosis of cardiac conditions. In many cardiac disorders, the primary diagnostic approach is to determine the patientís blood glucose level to detect the underlying diabetic conditions. There is significant rise of type two diabetes diabetes on a global scale.

Type II diabetes is associated with the non-production of insulin by body cells. The sugars released into the blood as a result of metabolic pathway are carried to the cells. These sugars if retained in the blood cells can lead to diabetes. The estimation of the glycosylated red blood corpuscles determines the overall blood sugar composition for a particular duration of time in an individual. The average time to estimate the changes associated with blood sugar levels in an A1 C diagnostic method is two to three months. The A1 C test also provides a prophylactic approach to treat diabetes with respect to the dosage of medicines prescribed. The average blood sugar level estimated in a person without diabetes is 150mg/dl and the A1 C rate is measured at 6.5%.

Any A1C values above 6.5% indicate the onset of diabetes. This test is unique and appropriate to categorize the diabetic patients as it monitors the sugar level over a period of time. This helps the physicians analyze and prescribe drugs associated with diabetes, to potential or existing patients.

Principle of the A1C test

The red blood corpuscles contain a protein called hemoglobin that binds the sugar molecules in the blood. This phenomenon is called glycation. Increased number of sugar molecules lead to excess binding in the RBCs. The bound sugar molecules have a life span of 120 days. Thus the values pertaining to the A1C determine the sugar levels for a period of three months. The rise in the value of A1C indicates a diabetic condition. The A1C blood glucose values are directly associated with heart disease. Any A1C value over 6.5% indicates a greater risk of cardiovascular disease.

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