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Visual Field Test

Visual Field Test helps analyze a person's visual field. Also know as perimetry, Goldmann visual field exam or Tangent screen exam, a visual field test can be performed by a technician or can be completely automated. You are asked to sit at a fixed distance from the screen and identify black targets. When done with moving targets, targets are made to move from areas out of your vision towards the range of your vision. In the case of fixed targets, targets appear on different locations. You are asked to press an indicator button to indicate that you have seen the target. This helps the technician evaluate your side vision. You have to keep your head still and not move it in either direction. Glaucoma and certain disorders of the retina might lead to visual loss. A visual field test helps in gauging and measuring your central and peripheral vision. An Amsler Grid test aids in measuring central visual field, especially in persons suffering macular degeneration. This test is non-invasive and provides valuable information on the person's ocular and neurological health. It aids in identifying retinal disease and loss of vision.

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