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Thyroglobulin test

The thyroid gland is a small gland, which is located at the lower front of the neck. The thyroid gland takes thyroglobulin, a protein found within itself to make thyroid hormones namely, thyroxine and Triiodothyronine. In order to measure the amount of thyroglobulin in the blood, thyroglobulin test is done. The blood sample of the concerned individual is taken for conducting the thyroglobulin test. A needle is inserted into the veins in the arm to collect blood.

A thyroglobulin test is ordered under different circumstances. Thyroglobulin, as such, is used as a tumor marker. Thyroglobulin test is used to detect thyroid cancer. After detection of thyroid cancer and subsequent to treatment or surgery, in order to check and confirm recurrence, thyroglobulin test will be ordered. Thyroglobulin test may also be done on a periodical basis post thyroid cancer surgery to ensure that the tumor has not reoccurred or spread. The test is also recommended for patients who have symptoms of a thyroid disorder such as Grave's disease or thyroiditis. Thyroglobulin test is also ordered to check the efficacy of treatment in patients who have been prescribed anti-thyroid medications for some time.

Often several thyroglobulin levels are determined in a serial of samples to enable look at its change in concentration. The change provides more information than a single value. It is essential to have the serial thyroglobulin tests performed at the same laboratory as different test methods may produce different results in different diagnostic centers. Test results need to be discussed with your doctor. Based on these results, a doctor could follow up with a radioactive iodine scan or identify treatments to destroy remaining normal thyroid tissue or thyroid cancer if any.

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