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Patellofemoral stress syndrome

Patellofemoral stress syndrome also know as Runner's knee is one of most common sports injuries noticed among athletes. It is recurring pain that is shuttled between the patella and the femur. The occurrence of patellofemoral stress syndrome is dependent on the posture and the activity of the person. Activities such as running, walking, jumping and wrong method of lifting weights can induce the possibilities this syndrome.

The predominant symptoms associated with the patellofemoral syndrome include the pain caused around the knee cap also called the patella. The pain is circulatory in origin as it radiates around the knee cap disrupting the swift action of the socket movement. Other characteristics include sensitivity when touched at the knee and clicking noise with pain whenever the knee is bent. In most cases the injuries that lead to patellofemoral syndrome are reported with a tendon damage or a ligament tear.

Tests such as the patellar glide test and patellar slide test are performed along with radiological evidences to identify the underlying cause and intensity of the condition. Patients with patellofemoral syndrome are treated with NSAIDs to reduce the inflammation in the muscular region. In addition to this, patients are advised to maintain good posture.

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