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Rhytidectomy or Rhytidoplasty is commonly called a facelift. This is a cosmetic surgery procedure that involves removal of removal of excess facial skin so as to reduce loose skin folds and wrinkles. The facial skin is lifted and the tissues underneath are tightened so that the skin can be repositioned smoothly again. An incision is usually made from the hairline to the end of the ear. Deeper tissues can be slightly removed or tightened with sutures. The skin is then repositioned and some excess is cut if needed by the plastic surgeon.

Some patients might face complications after rhytidoplasty such as bleeding under the skin, infection, blood clots and tissue loss. There might be damage to the nerves of the face too. Persons suffering diabetes or hypertension are more likely to suffer medical risks when undergoing rhytidectomy. Post surgery a patient might experience numbness of the skin along with a rough and dry feeling.

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