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A Japanese form of healing, Reiki addresses physical, emotional, mental and spiritual imbalances. Reiki is classified as an energy therapy. Its basic tenet is that everything is ultimately made of energy. When energy is subjected to disturbances, in and around the body, it results in illness. To cure the illness, one has to improve the flow and balance the energy. According to Reiki, the cause for illness exists in one of these levels. As all the levels are interlinked, it is treated as a whole and treatment is targeted to provide true reiki healing by bringing back all levels into harmony.

Reiki is practiced as a complementary therapy for treatment of disease or disability, physical or mental. Conventional healing therapies involve using medicines or any other mechanism to heal disease. Reiki therapy is minus medicines or tools. The hands of reiki therapist act as channel to send healing energy into the body of the client.

A typical reiki therapy session begins with the practitioner engaging the client in a detailed conversation. The reiki practitioner intends to understand specific purpose if any for availing reiki therapy. A full-body therapy session can last for 30 minutes or more and to a large extent depends upon the capabilities of the practitioner. Subsequent sessions will be targeted towards specific body parts/area with problem. For a minimum of 10 minutes, energy is made to flow through the specific body parts/area.

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