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Natural childbirth

Giving birth to a baby without any surgery or medications can be termed as natural childbirth. Minimal medical interference while supporting natural process, avoiding use of anesthesia and surgical procedures that are vital to natural childbirth.

Natural family planning

Natural family planning is a family-planning method where the body's natural signs of fertility are taken into consideration. There is no use of contraceptives. It involves periodic abstinence and fertility awareness. A couple must abstain during the woman's natural fertile periods to avoid pregnancy. This can be detected by tracking basal body temperature, cervical mucus and cervical position. This family planning method is also called the rhythm method.


Windburn is not sunburn in the winter. It feels similar as in it makes the skin red, dry and irritated. Any exposed skin can get windburn. This happens in the cold temperature with low humidity. It robs the skin of its natural oils making it start peeling. The blood vessels in the skin's outer layer start dilating making the skin appear red. The skin then becomes sensitive to any product. Skiers and winter runners suffer this condition if not adequately protected.

Preventing and treating windburn

Cover your skin before exposing to cold winds. Wear a hat and sunglasses. Apply thick moisturizer to exposed skin every few hours.

If your skin is already sore with windburn, wash it with lukewarm water and apply a healing moisturizer. Coconut oil also works well. Keep yourself well hydrated and stay in humidified room if possible. Stay clear of harsh exfoliators on the skin. Allow the peeling to heal the skin and resist the urge to pick at it.

Aloe Vera Gel, cucumber, potato slices or oatmeal are excellent home remedies to soothe windburned skin. You can also apply Vitamin E oil or a paste of cornstarch or baking soda.

Windburn Vs Sunburn

Sunburn and Windburn may appear alike and often occur together but are not same. It often becomes difficult to be able to distinguish.

Windburn occurs due to depletion of natural oils from the outer layer of the skin. It does not result in long-term skin damage. It is similar to 'irritant dermatitis'. Preventive measures include covering the skin and keeping it well moisturized.

Sunburn occurs due to harmful UV rays of the sun causing damage to the skin cells resulting in discoloration and age spots. Prolonged sun exposure and sunburn can lead to skin cancer.

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