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TargetWoman Health App is designed from the ground up to be user friendly. Any page you are in - has a search box, some times more than one search box - for a reason. Just type what topic you want to know - be it the name of the disease, medical condition, diagnostic test or treatment options. The App uses Artificial Intelligence to figure out what type of information you are after and show you the content you actually want. Once you start typing the word, it offers a predictive text - some form of suggestion based on what people usually search. To make a meaningful suggestion, it requires at least 2 characters.

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Don't worry that our App may not understand your words. It knows 200,000 words in English and has answers to 99 % of all health/medical queries at the moment. It has well researched, up-to-date information on these topics. It has more than 25,000 pages - with sufficient details to help you understand the health condition you want to know about. Medical Science is always evolving. TargetWoman Health App is updated on a regular basis, so that the information you see here, is not archaic but current.

Here is how it works

Enter your health or medical queries in our Artificial Intelligence powered Application here. Our Natural Language Navigation engine knows that words form only the outer superficial layer. The real meaning of the words are deduced from the collection of words, their proximity to each other and the context.

This compendium of health information is in a way - a Work In Progress. We are adding new information almost every week. We urge you to check your pages often to view more recent information.

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