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Glucophage Metformin - Diabetic Drug

Glucophage is the brand name of the drug Metformin hydrochloride which is an oral antidiabetic medication. Metformin lowers the amount of sugar in the blood by decreasing sugar production and absorption by acting on the liver. It does not increase the body's production of insulin.

Type 2 diabetes has many treatment options as it appears to afflict people of many groups. Diabetes requires a change in life style and is best controlled by a measure of diet control and a regimen of exercises coupled with medications.
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Metformin could cause a very rare and potentially fatal side effect known as lactic acidosis. It is caused by an excess of lactic acid in the blood. The problem is likely to occur in people with impaired liver or kidneys functions. Again this drug is contraindicated for patients with a history of cardiac problems. Lactic acidosis is a medical emergency that must be treated in a hospital. Metformin is contraindicated for patients with metabolic or Diabetic ketoacidosis - a life-threatening medical emergency caused by insufficient insulin and marked by excessive thirst, nausea, fatigue, pain below the breastbone and fruity breath. Diabetic ketoacidosis should be treated with insulin.

Side Effects of Metformin: Abdominal discomfort, diarrhea, gas, headache, indigestion, nausea, vomiting, general weakness though some patients rarely display symptoms like Abdominal distention, abnormal stools, altered sense of taste, constipation, dizziness and upper respiratory infection.

Dosage of Glucophage: Typically a starter dose is about 500 mg twice a day with meals. But a number of factors are taken into consideration before a doctor selects a dosage depending on the patient's condition. Glucophage XR is an extended release form and is prescribed as a single dose.

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