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Gastric stapling

Bariatric surgical procedures are major gastrointestinal operations that seal off most of the stomach to reduce the amount of food one can eat and rearrange the small intestine to reduce the calories the bodies can absorb. This procedure is called Vertical Banded Gastroplasty (VBG) or Stomach Stapling. Gastric Stapling is a restrictive surgery used to treat morbid or malignant obesity. Usually stomach stapling is performed on individuals who have made numerous, unsuccessful attempts with traditional methods of losing weight. Stomach stapling involves the use of surgical stapler to create an upper-stomach pouch about the size of a small egg. The surgeon then inserts a polypropylene band to control the size of the pouch exit to the lower part of the stomach and prevent stretching. Stomach stapling severely limits the intake of patients. However, the success of stomach stapling strictly relies on the patient compliance with post operative dietary guidelines.

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