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First aid for burns

First aid should be given after evaluating the extension of the burn and the condition of the person. Determination of the depth of seriousness of the most affected part is necessary before treating the burn accordingly. In case of doubt, it is better to treat it as a serious burn. Try to minimize the severity of the burn by giving first aid before the arrival of professional medical help. Prevention of disability, scarring and deformity is possible by providing prompt medical attention. Especially, when burns occur on the hands, feet, face and genitals, they can be serious. Small children under the age of four and adults over 60 run the risk of complications and even death due to burns.

Immerse or bathe the affected area with cold water for at least 10 minutes if the burns are due to friction or if it is a dry burn. Restricting clothing and jewelry should be removed before the place starts to swell. Sterile dressing of clean, non-fluffy material should be used to cover the area. Since the burn may cover a larger area, usage of adhesive dressings is not advisable. Risk of infection is more if you apply any cream or oil. Breaking the blisters will unlock the area to infection. Injured area should be kept clean and treatment should be given for any possible infection. Some of the indicators of infection are fever, swelling, redness and pain. If redness begins to spread or enlarges, it is cause of concern for infection.

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