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Cold Sores

Cold sores or fever blisters refer to facial lesions found on the area around the mouth. Cold sores usually appear on your lips. Occasionally, cold sores can be noticed on the nostrils, chin or fingers. Cold sores are painful and the swelling and redness last nearly for about 10 days. Fever sores are a reaction to the latent herpes simplex virus that is already present in the body. A person suffering from fever blisters is likely to suffer fever and headache and pain while swallowing. The cold sores may also affect the person's ability to eat. These sores later develop a yellow crust that is sloughed off to reveal new skin. Cold sores are contagious and this virus can be passed on from sharing towels or eating utensils. Prolonged exposure to sunlight may aggravate the condition of fever blisters or even bring on a recurrence. Cold sores are usually treated with anti-viral creams and cold compress. Aspirin or Ibuprufen may be taken to reduce the pain. When high fever or eye irritation is noticed, it is necessary to contact a doctor.

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