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Corneal abrasion

The cornea lies right over the iris of the eye and is clear and behaves as a shielding sheet for the eye. A cut or a scratch caused to the cornea is called corneal abrasion. The cornea of the eyes is very sensitive and any minor disturbance caused to it can be very painful. With the onset of corneal abrasion, the eyes become sensitive and painful. If you feel that some foreign body has gained entry into your eye, it is advisable to seek the doctor's help immediately.

  • The first symptom will be severe pain of the cornea.
  • Eyes will appear red and there might tears and hazy vision.
  • You may have a feeling of having either sand or grit in the eye.
  • Few people experience headache.
  • Your eyes will feel sensitive towards light.
Various reasons for corneal abrasions:
  • Any particle like wood, dust, sand, dirt or metal that get into the eye.
  • Fingernails or even worse contact lenses used in the eyes can lead to a scratch.
  • Few people have the habit of rubbing their eyes.
  • People with a fragile superficial layer of the cornea may develop corneal abrasions for no apparent reason.
  • Corneal abrasions, if not treated and healed properly have bright chances to recur.

By placing a dye on your eye, the doctor will analyze the type of abrasion and the extent of damage caused to the eye. Either eye drops or ointment will be applied to treat the abrasions. Small abrasions heal within two to three days. For people using contact lens, the doctor might advise avoiding them until the abrasion heals for the risk of infection caused by the lens itself. To prevent corneal abrasions, be careful while you are working on machinery that lets loose particles fly. Wear protective glasses while at work with such machines. Cut your nails and your children's nails regularly. Take care while you use your contact lens.

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