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Blood glucose test strips

Test strips form a major component of a comprehensive blood glucose monitoring method. The amount of blood glucose in the blood is determined by applying blood to the test strip that is later placed in a meter to read the findings. There are two types of test strips:

Plastic test strips for visual testing: One end of the pad is soft and has chemicals coated on them, once the blood is placed on the strip the color of the strip changes if there is sugar in the blood. The color formed on the strip should be matched to the one given in the catalogue and the approximate sugar levels can be obtained.

Test strips for meter reading Similar to the visual reading strip but the meter reading is more efficient than your naked eyes. Results are seen within 90 seconds.

Store the test strips away from heat, moisture (wetness), and cold. Remove the strip from the container just before use; screw up the lid of the container tightly once the strip has been removed. Use strips that are of good quality and do not use strips after its expiry date as this may give wrong results.

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