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Bartholin's Cyst

The Bartholin's glands are found as a pair on both sides of the vaginal opening. These pea-sized glands help in keeping the vaginal lips moist with their fluids. Bartholin's Cyst is a condition when there is a lump that is formed at the opening of the vagina due to clogged Bartholin's glands. A woman suffering from Bartholin's cyst suffers pain and tenderness near the vaginal opening. There is redness and painful lump near the vaginal opening that causes discomfort while walking and sitting. The cyst can get infected and become an abscess. E-coli, gonorrhea and chlamydia can lead to such a situation. A doctor may drain the cyst to allow for faster healing. A sitz bath (soaking in warm water) can aid faster rupture of the Bartholin's cyst. Antibiotics are prescribed if there is any infection. Good personal hygiene and practicing safe sex can help keep this uncommon condition at bay.

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