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Syphilis Test RPR

The Syphilis test, RPR test is an initial screening test used to diagnose syphilis. Syphilis RPR (Rapid Plasma Reagin) test is a non-treponemal test. A nontreponemal test uses a mixture of cardiolipin with lipids to detect reagin, which is present in the sera of patients with syphilis. Cardiolipins are released when a treponeme bacteria damages cells. If cardiolipin is found in the blood sample, it means an active infection. All reactive nontreponemal tests should be followed up with treponemal testing (FTA-ABS test) to confirm the diagnosis. The FTA-ABS test will help distinguish between syphilis and other infections. Syphilis RPR test is also used to see how treatment for syphilis is working. After treatment with antibiotics, the levels of syphilis antibodies should fall. These levels can be monitored with another RPR test. Unchanged or rising levels can mean a persistent infection. No special preparation is required on the part of the individual who is to be tested.

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