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Paternity test

To determine the genetic relationship between any two or more individuals, their blood samples are taken and analyzed in a lab to compare their DNA profiles. This paternity testing can be done even before the birth of a child or after it is born or even when there is a need to determine the parentage of a child. The DNA paternity testing will detect the true biological father or mother when there is any dispute about it. Amniocentesis and Chorionic Villus Sampling are conducted for DNA paternity test.

Another paternity test involves a small amount of maternal blood sample to detect the paternity. Blood samples are collected from members who are going to be tested, including the mother in the laboratory. Primordial fetal cells are separated from the maternal blood sample using an extraction procedure. These primordial fetal cells can be extracted after 12 weeks of fetal gestation. It is found that this procedure is safer and less expensive than the other two tests. Since women who had delivered babies earlier will have fetal cells of their earlier pregnancies for about 20 years, this non-invasive test is often resorted to.

Paternity test using umbilical cord blood is done at the time of delivery to find out the paternity of a child. There is no risk involved in this test for the infant. Paternity testers will get you a kit to collect the umbilical cord blood and this can be forwarded to the physician before the delivery. Results of this test will be available in 3 to 5 days. There are home kits available to do paternity testing and they are not legally binding.

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