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Intra oral digital x ray

In dentistry two major types of x rays used to film the mouth - intra oral x-rays and extra oral x rays. Intra oral x-rays involve placing the x-ray film inside the mouth and extra oral x-rays place the x-ray film outside the mouth. The amount of radiation is reduced by around 80% using this technique. These x-rays allow the dentist to identify dental problems that cannot be identified with the naked eyes. Intra oral digital xrays help the dentist take a close look at the tooth roots, study the condition of the developing tooth, scrutinize general tooth health, identify caries and check the strength of the bony region adjoining the tooth.

Various types of intra oral x-rays are bite-wing x-rays, periapical x-rays and occlusal x-rays. X-ray films are substituted with electronic pad or sensors and the pictures are filmed. The x-rays fall on the pad in a similar fashion as they fall on the film and the pad or sensor transfers the image directly to the computer and a print out is taken unlike developing the x-ray film in a dark room. The main benefit of these x-rays is that they help comparison of current images to previous images without any difficulty and over the computer itself.

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