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Hematocrit values

Hematocrit values are analyzed to identify underlying medical conditions that are related to blood. Red blood corpuscle percentage in the blood composition plays a significant role in the normal physiological activity carried out by the body. Variations in these values indicates disease or malfunction in the body. Hematocrit value is estimated along with hemoglobin values to correlate the association of the red blood cells with the respective disease type. The hematocrit or hct is expressed as a percentage. Hence the complete blood counts play an important role in the effective diagnosis.

The normal ranges of hct values are 38% to 46% for women and 42% to 54% in men. It can vary in children from infancy to 10 years. Hematocrit blood test is recommended by physicians when the patient is clinically symptomatic of conditions related to anemia. After the patient history examination, the hematocrit is recommended to identify the type of anemia. Anemic patients have classical symptoms such as pale appearance, blurred or disturbed vision, and shortness of breath, lethargy and dizziness. Hematocrit values determine the cause of low RBC percentage and reduced hemoglobin values in association with underlying disorder. In some cases low RBC levels may indicate hemolytic anemia. Other conditions such as sickle cell anemia and thalassemia are also diagnosed by analyzing the hematocrit values. Hematocrit values also determine the presence of inflammatory diseases and conditions such as cancers, polyps and ulcers. Other conditions which lead to low RBC and hemoglobin levels include nutritional deficiency, congenital heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, trauma to the kidneys and genetic disorders. Higher Hematocrit percentage is often noticed in chronic smokers and those living in higher altitudes. Another cause for high hct is dehydration

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