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Hamstring Injury

Hamstring muscles are a cluster of three muscles in the back of the thigh. A hamstring injury is also referred to as a pulled hamstring and occurs due to a tear in the hamstring muscle. The degree of the tear can be a minor tear or total damage of the muscle itself.

Causes of hamstring injury

  • Overstretching or tightening the muscle excessively can lead to the injury.
  • Stretching the muscle without adequate warming up while taking part in any sporting activity.
  • Running in long strides.
  • Muscle exhaustion and taking part in sports even before the previous hamstring injury has healed.
  • Rigid, stiff and weak hamstring muscles.
  • Abrupt intensive physical training.

Symptoms of hamstring injury include swelling of the affected area and excessive pain in the area. There may be bruising and difficulty in moving the leg. Depending on the severity of the injury, treatment has to be given. Initially for the pain and the swelling to reduce RICE technique i.e. R- Rest, I - Ice pack for the swelling, C - Compression of the injured part and E - elevation of the injured part.

Your physician might order for an x-ray, ultrasound or MRI depending on the degree of the injury. Painkillers are prescribed to reduce the pain and the swelling of the muscles. Surgery is suggested in cases of severe injury and for patients in whom the stiffness of the muscle and pain does not reduce even after non-surgical treatment. Ultrasound or massage might be suggested by the physician, along with exercises that stretch and support the muscles. This helps the muscles to recuperate faster and helps induce the lost motion in the knees and hip.

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