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Anal Fissure

Anal fissure refers to a small cut or tear in the skin lining the anal canal. Anal fissure can occur to people of any age group, including infants. Hard and dry fecus tends to tear the anal lining leading to a fissure. Anal fissure can also be caused due to inflammation in the rectal area. In some cases, anal fissure can be caused due to anal cancer, Crohn's disease, viral infections or HIV. Symptoms of anal fissure include blood in the stools and extreme pain during bowel movement. A fissure in the anal canal can be observed during a physical examination. Endoscopic examination helps in ruling out any serious conditions of the anus and rectum.

Most anal fissures heal without surgery. A patient suffering from anal fissures must avoid constipation by following a high-fiber diet and drinking plenty of fluids. Stool softeners are often resorted to. Medicated creams are prescribed to aid healing of anal fissures. Surgery is rarely resorted to. Surgery may reduce pain and promote speedy healing.

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