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Forensic Psychiatrist

Forensic psychiatry is a sub specialty of psychiatry and specialists of forensic psychiatry undergo special training in psychiatry and later in forensic psychiatry and relate psychiatric facts to queries raised by the legal constitution. Forensic psychiatrists put together medicinal experience, medical know how, mental health and neuroscience and structure free opinions. This opinion formulated is used as a principal advice in court room testimony. Forensic psychiatrists can practice in hospitals too. Forensic psychiatrists are specialists in diagnosing and treating mental illness or strain:

  • Forensic psychiatrist attend to people who are disturbed mentally while in custody and treat conditions called Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). They can understand the in-depth personality of a person and can easily differentiate between original and false trauma.
  • They are trained professionals in the area of psychological autopsy to establish the reason of the death.
  • They handle patients who complain of sexual harassment by their health provider and handle cases of medical malpractice too.
  • They can certify criminals who are truly mentally unstable and help the court in approaching a conclusion on sentence of the criminal. They also help in determining whether any criminal is falsely claiming a crime that he has not committed at all.
  • Forensic psychiatrists are good in witness assessment, managing client, choosing adjudicators, training a witness, and finally in witness trustworthiness.

A forensic psychiatrist has to undergo specialized qualifications apart from the qualifications of being a psychiatrist.

  • Should complete medical school and hold a degree.
  • Should complete four years of specialized training in the field of psychiatry.
  • Apart from this, a forensic psychiatrist should hold additional qualification in forensic psychiatry.
  • Should hold a valid license and should be certified by a certified board.

Choose the right forensic psychiatrist

Forensic psychiatrists are generally found to be associated with the law and its associates. They do not practice in clinics like other specialists do. When the law is looking for forensic psychiatrists to work with the criminals and accused, they have to ensure

  • The person chosen is a certified forensic psychiatrist and has the ability to assess the criminal/accused and relate it in the terms of the law.
  • The psychiatrist should hold a valid license.
  • The psychiatrist should be a member of a recognized and certified board.
  • The person should have additional qualifications in clinical issues to handle sexual harassment cases, child custody cases etc.
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