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The normal body temperature is around 98.2 to 98.8 F. A person is said to be suffering from fever when the body temperature rises to 100.0 F by mouth or 100.8 F rectum. Body temperature is at its lowest early in the morning. Women notice an increase of about 0.9 F (0.6 C) in body temperature during ovulation. Exercise and physical activity in hot weather can also raise body temperature. Fever is usually the body's reaction to an infection, be it urinary infection, viral infection or pneumonia. It is an indication that your body is fighting and working for you. But fever can also be indicative of a serious illness, especially in adults. Infants and children may develop fever as a reaction to vaccinations or immunization shots.

Elevated body temperature (fever) brings along with it overall physical discomfort such as body ache, shivering, headache and reduced appetite. Fever must not be allowed to rise more than 103 degree F or greater as it causes dehydration. Besides sudden rise in body temperature can bring on febrile seizures. This is especially so in the case of infants and small children. Febrile Seizures or convulsions tend to appear in the first 24 hours of fever. It is a reactive activity by the body till it adjusts to sudden rise in temperature.

  • Antipyretics like Paracetamol may be given. Adult dosage: 500 mg twice/thrice a day depending upon the fever
  • Ensure that the patient is given enough fluids and water
  • Good rest is essential
  • Do not use Aspirin to bring down fever
  • Keep the patient comfortably dressed
  • Give your feverish child something to do to feel better, like read or draw or watch TV
  • Use of cold compress can bring down fever
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