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Esophageal stricture

Scar tissue built over time in the esophagus can lead to an esophageal stricture. The scarring can be due to acid irritation. Persons suffering from GERD might be more prone to chronic esophageal strictures. Gastric build-up in the stomach can reflux into the esophagus. Gradually it leads to esophagus stricture due to damaged lining. It can manifest as a ring around the esophagal opening. These are usually benign. In rare cases, injuries caused by an endoscope or nasogastric tube might cause scarring leading to a stricture in the esophagus. This might also result in those who have swallowed battery acid or household cleaners.

Symptoms of esophagal stricture

  • Difficulty and/or pain on swallowing
  • Food regurgitation

Barium meal test or endoscopy helps detect narrowing of the esophagus. Chronic esophageal stricture is often treated with dilation. In extreme cases, surgery is resorted to.

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