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Epidural Hematomae

Epidural hematoma, also referred to, as extradural hematoma is a collection of blood between the brain's tough outer membrane called the dura mater and the skull. This condition is very hazardous as the bleeding builds up pressure in the intracranial space thereby constricting the brain tissue and therefore requires immediate monitoring by physicians. Common reasons for epidural hematoma:

  • A blow to head due to a road accident.
  • Falling from a height and thus sustaining head injury.
  • Any type of head injury that can lead to a skull fracture.

Symptoms of epidural hematoma range from severe headache and giddiness to increased size of one of the pupils of the eye. Rarely does a patient suffer seizures. With severe cases of epidural hematoma or as time elapses since the injury lethargy, unconsciousness, unable to arouse from deep sleep (at times lead the patient to coma) can occur. After studying the CT scan and depending on the extent of the damage caused, a neurosurgeon will recommend surgery.

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