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ACL Injury

ACL injury or Anterior Cruciate Injury is a type of knee injury caused to the anterior cruciate ligament. The ACL runs transversely from the front portion of the knee beginning at the bottom of the femur(thigh bone) to the top of the tibia (bigger bone in the lower leg). Typical causes of ACL injury:

  • Fall during any sporting activity such as football, soccer, basketball etc can result in the tear of ACL.
  • Any damage to the side of the knee can result in a tear of the ACL.
  • Suddenly halting after running continuously or after a jump.
  • Any movement that causes great strain to the ACL can lead to the injury.
  • Extending too much in the outward direction or in the inward direction can cause damage to the ligament.
  • Any road accident where the knee suffers injury.

ACL injury leads to symptoms such as severe pain in the knee and unexpected shakiness of the knee. The knee gets inflamed and its movement gets restricted. RICE method is adapted. R- Rinse the affected area, I- Apply Ice packs to reduce inflammation of the area, C - Use a splint to compress the area, and E- Elevate the affected area above chest level. Physical therapy helps a lot. Anti-inflammatory drugs are prescribed. In rare cases, reconstruction of the ligament is suggested by the doctor. Ample rest is required till total recovery is confirmed.

Prevention of ACL injury is possible if:

  • Proper care is taken while involving in a sport and if the right knee gear is used while playing.
  • Reducing stress on the knee by undergoing the right training.
  • Avoid running downhill at full speed.
  • Limit the usage of high heeled shoes.

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