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Angiodynography represents an innovative system that harnesses Doppler sonography for the creation of real-time, color-coded images of blood vessels within the conventional ultrasound slice image. This advancement incorporates a novel computerized technique, enabling the simultaneous display of both the traditional pulse-echo signal and the Doppler shift signal resulting from bodily movements at every point within the ultrasound slice plane. In this system, static tissue structures are depicted in the familiar grayscale image, while dynamic elements such as blood flow are represented in colors.

One study encompassed 453 patients, and it yielded valuable insights. The study culminated in acquiring normal and pathological flow measurements in various anatomical locations, including the carotid artery, jugular vein, renal transplants, thyroid, testis, and urethra. Additionally, it visualized abnormal flow velocities in conditions such as stenosis, tumors, and diffuse parenchymal alterations. This innovative technology offers a promising avenue for non-invasive vascular and tissue assessments, enhancing diagnostic capabilities in diverse clinical scenarios.

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