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Abscessed Tooth

A dental condition wherein the nerve or the dental pulp (inner part of tooth) gets infected is termed as abscessed tooth. The bacterial infection in the inner part of the tooth leads to collection of pus. Following a good oral hygiene regimen many help preventing dental abscess.

Tooth abscess types

Periodontal: occurs in the supporting bone and tissue structure of the teeth.

Periapical: found in the dental pulp.

Gingival: occurs in gum tissue, does not affect tooth or periodontal ligament.

Abscessed tooth causes

  • A dental cavity when left untreated leads to spread of infection deep within the tooth and this may cause abscessed tooth.

  • A broken tooth or cracked tooth can also cause abscessed tooth as the dental pulp is exposed to the environment.

  • An infection between the gum and root of the tooth can also cause tooth abscess.

  • Gum disease can also cause abscessed tooth.

  • Gingivitis can also cause abscessed tooth.

  • Trauma to tooth or mouth.

  • Weak immune system.

Abscessed tooth symptoms

Typical symptoms of an abscessed tooth include swelling, toothache, bad breath, inflammation of the gum tissue, sensitivity in tooth and swollen neck glands. A dentist will physically examine it and might order a tooth xray.

Abscessed tooth treatment

Abscess is drained through the procedure of root canal. A crown is placed on the tooth to protect it. Affected tooth may be extracted. Incision into the swollen gum may treat the condition. Antibiotics prescribed prevent infection and pain relievers help relieve pain.

Dental Abscess prevention

Brush teeth twice a day. Eat a balanced diet low in sugar. Use dental floss to clean in between teeth. Visit dentist for regular dental check. Use fluoridated drinking water.

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