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Inappropriate Use of Antibiotics

Primarily the antibiotics - the group of drugs intended to inhibit or destroy bacteria, should be used only against bacterial infection. Antibiotics are not effective viral infections and most upper respiratory tract infections like influenza or common cold or fungal infections caused by yeast. Some Infections listed below can be treated usually without antibiotics:

  • Influenza (commonly called as flu)
  • Common Cold
  • Bronchitis - with or without Coughs
  • Otitis media Ear Infections
  • Many Skin Rashes

Negative effects of Antibiotics Usage: Your physician depends on antibiotics to protect you against infection. Usually antibiotics are prescribed to control,inhibit or destroy susceptible bacteria. They have saved countless lives from the time the first antibiotic was invented. They also carry risks. When a patient takes an antibiotic when it is not needed, the patient gets no benefit and is unnecessarily exposed to preventable and potentially serious health problems. Each time an antibiotic is used, it can increase the risk that a future infection will be resistant to antibiotics. According to a CDC Data, roughly 30 percent of antibiotics used in hospitals are unnecessary or prescribed incorrectly.

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